So why the Site Wide Sale? (click here)

Well, I have been keeping close track of all the Update videos Nico has done, and one concern that always pops up is the cost of my plushies. So, this lead me to start brainstorming ways to be more efficient while increasing the quality of my plushies so that way I can still offer something I can be proud of.

The day has finally come that I have found the right balance! (Although tbh I feel that this breakthrough may have come a little too late. As the amount of people who want my plushies has drastically decreased, but I want to offer this for you anyway, because what means more to me is my plushies finding homes where they will be loved rather than making a giant profit.)

I will keep this sale going til the end of June, I believe I will have collected enough data to determine the fate of my Picky Penguin Plush Line by then. If sales have increased I will keep the Sale Prices permanent….but if it doesn’t change or is less….I will figure out the best thing to do when it comes to that.

Anyway thanks for reading!

Comments/Thoughts appreciated!