Changes to Shipping!

Hi there!

First off thanks so much for reading~ This post will cover International Postage and some tips about ordering domestically and internationally… :)

Important News about International Orders and Postage rates!

So to start off, I’ve been informed by the people who work at the Post Office that there are changes coming to International shipping. Good changes!! The prices are actually going down by a small margin! (But only for packages that are under .25 lbs and mailed in envelopes) Fortunately that means all the t-shirts are nicely effected by this change. They went from $22.5 USD (last week) to $16 USD this week. So if you have been holding off, now is a good time to get them and I have already made the changes to my site! (I try to keep on top of the changes at the Post Office as best I can!)

So moving on~ Tips and Tricks to getting the most out of your postage

The stickers on my site are listed as having ZERO weight. So because of this you will always get the most affordable postage when getting stickers. You could get 1 or 100 and the postage will still be the same!

Moving up the weight scale, we get to the Little Pickies and Picky Penguin Accessories these are listed as having weight between .125 lbs to .25 lbs. So what does that mean for you? Well since they weigh so little you can stuff your order with these and still stay on the lower price of postage both internationally and domestically. (3 Little Pickies = 1 Picky Penguin in regards to weight)

The most optimized plushies on my site are the Picky Penguins, Character Penguins, Candy Shoppe Bats, Twisted Teddiez and Pillows. They are my heaviest plushies and all are weighed in at .5 lbs or more in the case of the pillows. What this means for you is that I have programmed the website to give you the best deal it can on all my “heavy” plushies. So that way it takes out the guesswork of adding all the weights together and trying to figure out the best deal. My website was just updated today to do that for you!

Anyway, thanks so much for reading and I comment below if you have specific questions! Or would just like to say HI! :)