Shipping & Returns


Picky Penguin Plush Line: Chart to Understanding the Waves (make sure to read all the way through)

Hey there, in order to help everyone out and ease some minds, below I have outlined which order numbers are in which waves and the estimated wait time. Please note these wait times are merely to give you an idea, sometimes I may be ahead of schedule or I may be behind. (It just depends on what my day job requires of me, and what trials or triumphs life offers.) Also the wait times below are updated each time I finish a wave of orders. Check out the “Last updated” date and find your wave with your order number. then the amount of wait time still left is what the weeks represent. (for example if you are in the 7th wave and it was last updated 9/14/2019 then you have 4 weeks til I get to yours)

So without further words: (Last updated: 10/8/19)

1st, 2nd and 3rd waves, 4th waves complete. (materials came in.)

5th wave: approx. *2 days* (Order Numbers: 1276-1308)

6th wave: Approx. 2 weeks (order numbers: 1309-1342)

7th wave: approx. 4 weeks (order numbers: 1343-1372)

8th Wave: approx. 5 weeks (order numbers: 1373-1405)

9th wave: approx. 6 weeks (order numbers: 1406-1439)

10th wave: approx. 7 weeks (order numbers: 1440-1473)

11th wave: approx. 8 weeks (order numbers: 1474-1507)

12th wave: approx. 9 weeks (order numbers: 1508-1541)

13th wave: approx. 10 weeks (order numbers: 1542- 1575)

14th wave: approx. 11 weeks (order numbers: 1576-1595)

Shipping Information for the Holidays

If you are ordering for gifts, please keep in mind the International and Domestic Shipping Cutoff Dates. I try my best to finish sewing orders as quickly and nicely as possible. However, here are my cutoff dates for this holiday season:

Domestic: December 17th (Regular Mailing) For Expedited it is December 20th. :)

International: December 11th (Regular Mailing)

The Dates specified above are when your orders need to be “in” by. If it is after this date I will still send them in a timely manner, but it is less certain that the plushie will get to you before Christmas.

Thanks so much!

Shipping Information

Due to the overwhelming influx of orders on my “Going Away Forever” sale, please allow 3 to 4 weeks for processing (processing means handmaking in this instance) before shipping if you are ordering a plushie. Thanks so much!

Ground — $6 flat rate
2nd Day — $21 flat rate
Overnight – $34 flat rate

International Shipping Tips: 

The site has now been automated to give you the best deal when ordering international. The shipping is all weight based so to help you figure out your pricing here is a list that showcases the different weight ranges with their corresponding shipping rate. 

O ounces to .12 lbs (stickers)= $2.50 USD

.13 lbs to .5 lbs (1-4 little pickies or 1 character penguin) = $22.50 USD

.51 lbs to 2 lbs (2 character penguins) = $34.50 USD

2.01 lbs and above (3 or more plushies) = $35.00 USD


Return Policy

If for any reason you cannot adopt a plushie from us, please let us know ASAP because if I have started on your plushie I do not allow refunds. The reason for this is because each plushie I make is made only for one person, and if someone ends up cancelling I am left with a plushie with no home.

If by chance your plushie gets damaged along the way to can send it back and I will fix it for you free of charge!

Thanks for your understanding.